Benefits of Using a Fountain Pen

Not long ago fountain pens were part of every student or working men’s essential accessories. They enhanced the pocket of every students or professional. The use of fountain pens in effectively has come to an end. But there are several benefits, which are only associated with fountain pens, and cannot come with other pen, whatever the cost.

The wiring of fountain pens is smooth as compare to other pens. The nib of the fountain pen is polished metal , and a lubricating ink flows smoothly through it on the paper .The fountain pen do not require the pressure to write on paper . The ball point pen, which has a ball bearing at the end of the writing part, has to be put under little pressure to produce the smooth writing. In writing with fountain pen the writing will be consistent with equal weight at all the points or curves.


Since the flow of ink is always consistent and there is no pressure applied in writing, the writing does not show any blot of ink at one point or blank spots. The ball point pen can show come blanks spots in writing, when ball chanced direction or the pressures on the pen is not as it was during start of the writing. The ball point pen often leaves a blot of ink on the papers, when blob of the ink builds up in the pen.

Fountain pens are more Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai personal and show the character in writing as compare to other writing tools. The possibility of the developing the particular style of writing is easier with the fountain pen then with ball point pen. The different size of nibs can give any style, which one wants to give writing. The choice of ink is added factor, which makes fountain pen a personal item. The users are not bound to get the pen with same ink like others. In fountain pen, the user can select quality of the ink to emphasis his or her writing style.   Of course the construction of the fountain pen is sturdier than a ball point pen. It can last longer than the same cost ball pen.

The use of fountain pen ensures that writing never changes .This happens because the writer only has Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai to change the ink; the nib of the pen will remain same for every ink. The purchase of same brand ink keeps the fountain pen giving same writing. For left hands, the fountain pen can be easy to write with, since the shape of the nib can be changed to make the writing easy. The constant use of fountain pen in writing improves the writing without making any serious effort to achieve that. Maybe this is because of its nib or the way, the fountain pen is used in writing, which gives the improved writing.


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