Credit Cards As Business Gifts And Personal Item

Credit cards are increasingly being used as promotion gift items by individuals and corporate. The large surface area of the credit card pen drives is being exploited by the companies. This area is used as logo of the company.The brand image, message, company detail in colors and patterns in line with company image are put on such cards. These cards are then gifted to clients, both old and new .During launch of films, music, new products specially related to youth. Media and advertisement companies are bring out the theme based credit card pen drives on festive occasions. On valentine day, father ‘day or mother ‘day, teachers’ days, the cards are printed and disturbed as promotion items.


Small businesses are making credit card pen drives their brand ambassador by converting the surface space into company board with various designs and patterns. The increase in popularity of these pen drives comes from the fact that one can easily carry the huge amount of data all the time. The slim design, ultra light weight and flexibility to carry the pen drive in wallet makes it easy option to store data. On the top of that, these cards do not occupy the space more than credit cards .The shape of old pen drives made them uncomfortable to carry in wallets and pockets. Now, with these credit cards looking pen drives, the need for large memory storage mobile devices will come down. Someone, who could not afford the large memory Smartphone, can now easily carry the credit card pen drive with him or her.

Users’ friendly surface of the credit cards means ensures that every individual can change the card into his or her personal favorite color combinations, pattern, image and design. This creates each credit card as individual as possible. Like any other personal belonging such as color of lipstick, perfume or any other accessory, the credit card also becomes extension of individual personality. The customers can get any print on cards from printing companies.The memory size of these Credit Card Pen Drive Suppliers card can come from 4 6 8 and 16 GB. Any personal data or office data can easily comes within this memory space.

The nature of these cards is such that gift shops are selling them as gift items. Online companies are selling credit card pen drive in almost all imaginable designs and themes.  Almost all the major festivals Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai and occasions are covered on these cards. The use of these cards will ensure that the relevant data can be taken out whenever need arises. This may discourage people from taking lot of papers with them for official work. The increasing digitization will only make it easy to eliminate carrying official bags and store all data and information on slim pen drives. The companies are encouraging the digital movements to reduce stationery expenses.


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