Reasons for increasing popularity of promotional pen drives

The advancement in technology has created the slim size pen drives. These pen drives are in form of credit cards and visiting cards. The convenience to carry them in pockets and the space for customization has led marketing companies to use them as marketing tools.  The opportunity to make the space on the pen drives as person as possible has created promotional avenues for the pen drives. The both sides of the credit and visiting card pen drives can be used for promoting company brand, logo, tag line or business philosophy. The companies are then loading these pen drives with new albums and film sound tracks to distribute the pen drives to young generation.

During special festivals, specially created by marketing companies to cater to the young aspirations, such as valentine days, the companies promote the cards as free gifts. The empty pen drives area also given with only company logo and image on the both sides of the pen drives. The memory space of these pen drives starts from 4 GB to 6, 8 and 12 GB. The large memory space is huge tempting point of these pen drives. The ample space on both sides of the credit and visiting card pen drives is just enough to make them walking brand ambassadors of the company.


Another reason for the popularity of the pen drives in shape of credit card and visiting card. Since, more and more companies are opting for paperless office; the huge data can be easily kept in these easy to carry pen drives. The employees can download many software program and data from personal computers to office computer during office hours. Professionals dealing with design and accounting fields use special software for enhancing efficiency.  These programs can be kept in pockets always without any problem. The slim designed pen drives do not have any protruding angle. The individual preference can be demonstrated on the card in form of colors, patterns, lines, images or personal favorite quotes. The easy way by which promotional pen drives can Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai be made unique is the strong reason for the marketing companies to use slim designed card as promotional gift items.

The printing companies are also creating designs and images specially to fit on the cards of pen drives. These designs and images are permanently printed on the cards. But efforts are on to create technology so that design or images can be changed according to the wish of the owner of the promotional pen drive cards. With the use of credit and visiting size cards, the companies are reaching to new customers and retaining the old ones.  Instead of spending huge amount of money Pen Drive Manufacturers in Mumbai on print and electronic media ads, the companies can directly communicate with the individual customers with gifting pen drives with or without loading marketing material. But the comparatively large space on both sides of the card sized pen drives is used for promoting company image and brand.

Use Of Visiting And Credit Pen Drive Cards For Promotional Activities

Marketing of various products and concepts always look out for new ways to attract the attention of the people. The increasing popularity of the pen drive in sizes of visiting cards and credit cards is  giving new vehicle to marketing managers for creating new way of advertising, The reason for use of new generation pen drives are the size and design of the pen drives.

The pen drives are in same card shape with ample space for images and tests. The name of the company, logo, design and tag lines of the business can be printed on the both sides of the card. The slime size means that pen drives can be put in the purse or in pocket without any space issue. These pen drives do not need extra space, as they do not have any protruding part or sharp angles. So, the physical shape of the pen drives has made them marketing tools.

Another reason linked with the popularity of card size pen drives is that, they can be presented in many different patterns and designs. The increasing use of customization concept in business and service sector can be applied on these cards. Each card can be made as person as possible. The use of colors, lines, images, pictures, personal photos, or any concept can be permanently printed on them.  The card pen drive then becomes a personal accessory, which can be flaunted.  And this perfectly matches the taste and preference of younger generation.

The launch of new music album, new film, sports event or new venture uses the pen drive as promotional tools. The theme of the product or music is added to the card pen drive and distributed among public. Similarly, during valentine day, the company and products makers catering to young generation gift lot of pen drive cards among youngsters with company logo. These cards then act as brand ambassadors of the company. The IT friendly people, who prefer paper less work and paperless office, are the large group of card pen drive users. The easiness and convenience of Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers carrying the visiting and credit cards means that huge amount of data can be carried easily in pocket. This may also led to taking resume and all education and experience detail in pen drive cards during interviews. The data can be taken during office presentation also on the card pen drives.

The visiting and credit card pen drives come Credit Card Pen Drive Suppliers with 4 GB, 8GB, and 16 GB memory.  These cards are bridging the gap between fashion accessories and IT products.  Perhaps that is the reason, why these types of pen drives are being sold from gift shops. Before purchasing the buyers can give customization details to the sellers.  The use of card pen drives as birth day gifts with name and messages on the surface of cards will create further demand for these cards like pen drives.

Importance of note taking and ideas to make it effective

We often think that note making or taking process should stop at the university or college level. Anyone taking notes after leaving college is often considered childlike. It is only our mental conditioning, which does not allow us take notes in adult life or in professional life. The head of the virgin group, Richard Branson cannot go to any place or discuss any idea, without note taking. He has mentioned that his habit of note taking and reviewing them has led to the formation of several companies of the virgin group. Many of these businesses would never have emerged, had he not taken notes of several new ideas or thoughts of other people.

An effective note taking habit keeps mind busy by feeding it with new information and ideas. It helps a person to get more insight into the matters. It makes person to get the ability to separate meaningful talks from just idle chattering.


Writer or individual can make the notes more effective by including certain points in the process.  The foremost thing, which a writer should understand is that the notes should be in own language of the writer. This makes it easy to understand the topic or thought and can easily be reviewed later. The notes should be brief and selective. If possible, the notes should be in simple language as much as possible. This habit of putting everything into simple language helps a person to understand the complex thoughts better. He or she can explain others easily and can retain the information or idea permanently.

A great way of relaxing is to keep written record of every major activity and things to do. This will clear the mind and person can enjoy the free moments. The person, who writes down every major or minor activity of the day and next day, will never have confusion mind. Whatever may the busy schedule or nature of his or her work, the calm and relax demeanor can easily come to such person.

Besides brief and written in own language, Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai the notes which are well spaced can be made long later with more relevant points. One can also add the diagrams, images or some graphics to make the idea as clear as possible. Notes can be in linear and spider grams.  Linear notes are written with heading and subheading while spidergrams notes can come on one page and show pattern of main idea with other related ideas in diagram way. These types of notes are also called mind maps. The type of notes one writes or makes depends on the thinking process of the person.  To make the notes interesting one can add colors or maps for more clarity. Let the process begin with buying a Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai good note book and a fine pen. These two basic note making instrument may prompt the buyers into fulfilling and rewarding habit of note making.

Qualities of a good writing instrument

Only those who have used a fine writing instrument can understand the feel of that kind of pen in hands and smoothness in its writing strokes. It will be difficult for such a person to go back to the average pen. To help a person in selecting good writing instrument, some qualities of any good pen are described here.

First thing to note in any pen is its fitness. That means the pen should have not loose parts. The cap of the pen should fit with the lower part of the pen, without leaving any gap. The clip of the pen must remain straight all the time and should come back to the original position, once pen is removed from the pocket.

Whatever should be the color or material of the pen, the finish should be smooth and must have quality about it.  The entire body of the pen must not have any rough edges. The pens with consistent and matte finish are good. Another basic feature a good pen must have is balance. The user can find the balance by holding the pen in writing position between thumb and index finger. The pen should not have excess weight in front or back sides.  The user can also find the balance of the pen by securing the cap to the back of the pen and then writing with the pen. All well made pens, whether slight or heavy are fine balance pens.

Now, if the user is buying the fountain pen, the nib of the pen should be smooth on the writing paper. The un- inked nib should not cut the paper or scratch it. The choice of gold or steel nib is personal affair. It can also increase the prize of the pen.  The cap less pens, whether gel pen, ball point pen or roller point pen, must have good mechanism for extending and taking back the writing point of the pen. The writing point of the pen should stay in place for fine writing.

A pen from a quality manufacturer will have all these features. The manufacturer or supplier can exchange Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai the any faulty part of the pen. They may give new nib, if nib is damaged within few days of buying the fountain pen. The quality or branded pens have branded refills or nibs and even inks. The users should try as far as possible to have branded items with braded pens to enjoy the best writing. Because the quality of the pen, to great extend depends on the nib in case of fountain pen and refill in case of ball point pens. The purpose of buying expensive pen will be defeated if the pen Sheaffer Pen Suppliers in Mumbai has ordinary refill inside it.  Same thought applies to the fountain pen, if the ink is of ordinary quality, and then the use of expensive fountain pen is defeated. The ink must dry quickly. It should not smear or smudge.

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