Favorite pens of the famous personalities and writers

Falling in love with gadgets is normal things in the current times.  But having a favorite pen may sound strange to the younger generation, who use pens just because they have to make notes and pass exams. Anyone who likes reading and writing most often likes to keep a special pen for writing purposes. The selection of favorite pen can be on the basis of its writing quality, manufacturing quality or just because there are some sweet memories associated with the pen. The use of favorite pen links the writer with the language and thoughts flow smoothly on the paper.

The famous detective writer of Sherlock novels had parker Duofold fountain pen. He wrote all his later novels with this pen. The homage was paid to the writer and his pen by the BBC series on the writer. Another famous writer and creator of the cartoon Mickey Mouse Walt Disney often used Schaeffer pens.


A pen which is at the display at the museum in Leiden in Holland penned the theory of relativity. The noble prize theory was written the legendary scientist Albert Einstein, who used waterman taper cap pen for the games changer theory. He also has another pen pelican 100 N pen.

Writer of many popular novels Stephan king water man fountain pen to write the novel Dreamcather. The author mentioned that by using the pen, he got in touch with the language, which he had not achieved in many years. It is the emotional and physiological effect of using finest Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai writing instrument and favorite pen that enhances the joy for writer and same effect is carried on to the readers in reading.

Hollywood actor of such violent films such a First blood and Rambo series Sylvester Stallone is found of montegrappa pens. He used the pen made by the company in expandable 11. The pens are made with precious materials and are produce in limited number.

 Both British queen and Prince of Wales are parker users. The queen has been using parker 51 for personal use since 1959.

A famous book in the world literature is in form of a dairy written by the teenager Anne frank during war days. Her observations about surroundings and her personal feelings were penned Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai down on the paper by the montblanc fountain pen   . This pen was accidentally thrown in the fire by her and she wrote ‘ode ‘to the pen.

It is not necessary that only a costly pen can become favorite pen. Any pen which contacts writer or user to the language and paper and gives the joy of writing can become the favorite pen. But it is often seen that bit expensive pen due to its manufacturing process and quality give better experience than other pens. The quality of pens also ensures that they can be kept for longer period.


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