Benefits of making and taking notes


Despite popular notion, the note making art is still very popular. The art of taking notes on the paper with the help of pen has its own benefits, which cannot be compared with any other form of note making. Researchers have confirmed that material written in notes has 34 percent chances of being remembered than information which is not taken in notes.

Note making in own language ensures that mind is also engaged in the learning process. The attention to details happens only during note making. When someone writes in own language, it has strong chances of being recalled.

Note taking on book reading is the best way to create own impression of the book and rewrite the main points of book. The note making on main points and summarization of the content of the book ensures knowledge has been absorbed from the book. The notes on the different chapters of the book also helps to revision the main points or gist of the book later.

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Note making Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai also increases the creativity of the person. The note making habit helps a person to organize ideas effectively. It also helps to focus on the subject and then expand the idea by adding more knowledge.  The ability to speak effectively on any subject in coherent manner increases with the ability of making effective notes and writing succinctly.

Note making also helps a person to de-clutter the mind by putting everything on the paper. This habit done regularly at the start of the day gives clarity to person to look at the events and possibilities from a practical point of view rather than take emotional view of them. Some businesses person and politicians has habit of note making on various ideas and topics. They later review their notes to better understand the subject. Writing daily on some subject will always give fresh perspective on the subject. The mind will never repeat the same thoughts everyday. The clarity will bring insight into the subject or topic.


There are many Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai ways of note taking or making. Summarizing the whole book or chapter in few paragraphs is one way of note making process. Another is writing lengthy notes and third is mind maps.

The mind maps can be very effective technique to retain the information permanently.  This is done by making various diagrams of various sizes representing the different ideas. The main point and associated points are linked by connecting diagrams. One a person becomes used to this type of note making; he or she can enjoy the process and benefits associated with it.


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