Keep following points in mind before buying a pen


People often think that buying a costly pen is the only way to get a quality pen that will last longer. But this may not be the case. The branded pen is as likely to have problems as a pen from any local store. If fact the branded pen may not have anything to do with writing, if you are buying local refill for the branded ball pen. The branded pen has refill from the same brand, but if the another refill is non- braded one, which is cheaply available, then what is the use of branded ball pen?

Do not go for costly pens just because they have gold nibs and some gold designs. The pure gold nib pen will not last beyond couple of days, as the gold nibs are very fragile and cannot withstand the pressure of writing. The pen has to perform in writing. It is not used for showpieces. The pen with 14 gold nibs, if you want to have gold nib, will be better than 18 or 24 carat gold nib. Also do not think that just because a pen is in metal and wood, it will be better than plastic pen. Many plastic pens are Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai in far greater quality than metals pens.


Gold nib does not mean that writing will be better. The writing depends on paper quality, ink quality and style of writing than nib. So unless you just want gold nib for showoff, the steel nib will be fine for writing.

Do not go for any pen that comes with plating of gold or silver. The plating will come off after come time, if the quality is bit low. Then the pen will reflect very poorly on the person holding it. The best thing is to go for quality plastic pen or steel or chrome version.

The metal pens may be bit heavier than plastic pens. If you have to keep the pen in pocket all the time, then it would be useful to have a quality plastic pen

Ball pen versus fountain pen –


It all depends on the taste and work of the user. If user just wants pen for daily use for miscellaneous works then a ball pen will work fine. The ball pen does not need daily filling of ink. The fountain pen on the other hand, needs daily filling and can be used for someone who enjoys writing process. As fountain pen Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai adds more penmanship and calligraphic quality to writing; they are preferred by users with interest in reading and writing.


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