Elite gift is a prominent manufacturer of promotional and commercial gifts


Elite gifts has been giving the assortment of promotional and commercial gifts at reasonable prices . Giving details of the company , the spokesperson said ‘ our company elite gifts has achieved a remarkable position in the domain due to its focus on customers satisfaction . Our state of the art manufacturing plant caters to the highest level of the international quality in pen , pen drives , and promotional gifts . Elite gifts is a manufacturers , exporter and suppler of asssortment of pens , power pens , pen drives , promotional gifts , and commercial gifts .


The company has ability to meet the bulk requirements of customers , provide customize solutions , and with the use of temper packaging we are giving customers specific solutions to clients . The delivery of gift items is done within a dead line with our well connected distribution network .The special features of the company and its products Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai range from water proof packaging , prompt delivery , quality products , transparent deals , customer centric approach , ethical business and consistent emphasis on customers specific approach .

The quality of the products is maintained as per the industry norms by adopting a total quality management at the manufacturing process . To ensure error free products , the team of quality checkers and in house quality unit has been established in the center . The team of quality controllers is regularly provided training to upgrade their professional and technical skills ‘.


Elite gift is a prominent company engaged in manufacturing and export of corporate gifts and promotional gifts since 1985. the company under the leadership of Mr Ravi Madnani , the company has achieved remarkable position and name in the market . Customers specific approach , strict monitoring of quality , and transparent and honest business dealing has ensured a position of repute in the domain .

The product range of company range from plastic pens, metal pens with engraving , pen drives , multi function pens , and stationery pens , etc . The company Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers has well connected network which allows them to delivery the products without delay to the market . The company has quality checking unite with quality checkers to ensure error free items at the customer end . The emphasis of the company on quality is evident from its regular training to quality checkers for skill up gradation .


Power bank buying tips and benefit of a quality plastic pen


The use of power bank will increase the use of smart phone and allow the users to work on smartphone with fear of losing its charge . But it is essential to know few things before buying a power bank so that one can ge the power bank that is compatible for smart phone usages .

The capacity of the power bank should be such that is meets all the demands of the user . The capacity depends on use of smartphone and uses the smarphone is put through . The capacity is measured in mili ampere hour. . so one should go for more power capacity . The battery capacity of the smartphone can determine the capacity of the powe rbank . The power bank must charge the battery of the phone fully at once .

Latest power banks are coming with inbuilt USB charging capacity . Old models do not have this facility . And new power banks also have different connection for phones for sony , samsung and apple . So buy the new model power bank


The power bank must Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai have short circuit and over charging protection features . The power bank with refurbished battery should not be the option .

The power bank means that you are carrying the bank with you for charging need during the day. So it must have easy portability . Do not buy a power bank at lower cost with doubtfull capabilities . The cheap option can become expensive over the long run. The mid price range power bank can be the great option for phone with not so big battery capacities .

Benefits of a quality plastic pen –

Quality plastc pens are coming in various attractive designs and colors . The quality of the ink and ease of writing has also improved a lot . These pens are not very heavy and their light weight allows the users to carry them easily in the shirt pocket . The writing with plastic pen is not heavy and one can write for longer hours without any heaviness .


The plastic men manufactures Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai are adding rubber grips to the part just above the point of contact with paper . This use of rubber grip does not put any pressure on fingers during writing on paper .

The plastic pen often come without caps . They can be carried in the pocket with the help of clip . During writing there is no need to manage the cap . The final words are that plastic pen is easy to make and keep .