Elite gift is a prominent manufacturer of promotional and commercial gifts


Elite gifts has been giving the assortment of promotional and commercial gifts at reasonable prices . Giving details of the company , the spokesperson said ‘ our company elite gifts has achieved a remarkable position in the domain due to its focus on customers satisfaction . Our state of the art manufacturing plant caters to the highest level of the international quality in pen , pen drives , and promotional gifts . Elite gifts is a manufacturers , exporter and suppler of asssortment of pens , power pens , pen drives , promotional gifts , and commercial gifts .


The company has ability to meet the bulk requirements of customers , provide customize solutions , and with the use of temper packaging we are giving customers specific solutions to clients . The delivery of gift items is done within a dead line with our well connected distribution network .The special features of the company and its products Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai range from water proof packaging , prompt delivery , quality products , transparent deals , customer centric approach , ethical business and consistent emphasis on customers specific approach .

The quality of the products is maintained as per the industry norms by adopting a total quality management at the manufacturing process . To ensure error free products , the team of quality checkers and in house quality unit has been established in the center . The team of quality controllers is regularly provided training to upgrade their professional and technical skills ‘.


Elite gift is a prominent company engaged in manufacturing and export of corporate gifts and promotional gifts since 1985. the company under the leadership of Mr Ravi Madnani , the company has achieved remarkable position and name in the market . Customers specific approach , strict monitoring of quality , and transparent and honest business dealing has ensured a position of repute in the domain .

The product range of company range from plastic pens, metal pens with engraving , pen drives , multi function pens , and stationery pens , etc . The company Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers has well connected network which allows them to delivery the products without delay to the market . The company has quality checking unite with quality checkers to ensure error free items at the customer end . The emphasis of the company on quality is evident from its regular training to quality checkers for skill up gradation .


Cool pen drives and metal pens are used as promotional gifts


These days to cater to the need of younger generation of cool gadgets , the companies are making pen drives in visiting card shape .These card are very slim and can be put in the pocket easily . The pen drives in the shape and size of visiting cards are easy to carry and can be given any theme to suit the personal preferences and taste of holder . The ample size on both sides of the card is used by the user to have a design , pattern, or logo on the personal choice . The color and pattern of the card can be as varied as the preferences of individuals .


The media companies and music companies are using the visiting card pen drives to promote their products by printing the logo and design of the company on the both sides of the card . The customization that these visiting pen drives offer are the big reason for their popularity among young generations . The ample sizes ranging from 4 GB to 12 GB and slim size of a Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers visiting card has attracted the corporate world to the visiting card pen drives . The corporate world is using them as most preferred items for promotional gifts .

Metal pens as promotional gifts– only metal pens are used as promotional gifts more than the plastic pens . The only other pens that can match the metal pens in the promotional gift space are the costly plastic pens . The finish and bit heaviness and smooth writing on paper without putting pressure reminds the care in selection of gifts . The gift shows the importance that giver has shown to the receiver by offering one of the best quality metal pens as gift . The metal pens comes in variety of metallic colors and shades with subtle designs. The smooth ,cool barrel of metal gives more distinct look than even a costly plastic pen .


The screen printed or engraved company logo can be easily put on the metal pen . The use of laser for engraving on Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai the metal pens gives a high perceived value and that explains why the in the higher corporate levels , the metal pens are the one of the prefered items for promotional gift . The metal pen can range from branded pens to non branded pens . Some of the non branded pen are also given the finish and gloss to give them a distinct look . The level of comfort increases with the use of better quality pen .

Promotional Visiting Card Pen Drives With Your Company Logo And Details


Patrons can get in touch with the reputed suppliers for the purpose of purchasing the best quality of visiting card pen drive and promotional pen drives in Mumbai. Backed with the years of understanding, experience and knowledge of this domain, Elite Gift Center supplies a wide assortment of handpicked quality of visiting card pen drives and promotional pen drives in various standardized specifications.

For the purpose of purchasing the best quality of visiting card pen drive and promotional pen drives in Mumbai, the patrons can get in touch with reputed suppliers in Mumbai. Counted as first among the best, Elite Gift Center is instrumental in rendering visiting card pen drives and promotional pen drives in Mumbai.

Available with Elite Gift Center in various sizes and patterns, the pen drives are obtained from reliable sources and vendors. Pen drives supplied by Elite Gift Center known for their elegant design, sturdy construction and high functional life.

An employee from Elite Gift Center said, “In order to meet the precise needs of the patrons, we have made a long lasting association with the reputed vendors of this domain. Procurement agents select the vendors based on their ability to meet the bulk orders of pen drives in the most efficient manner. Financial stability, creditability and goodwill are different parameters on that the vendors are appointed by our procurement agents”.

Tamper proof packaging of pen drives ensures safe transportation at the buyers’ end. By following total quality management, the quality of the pen drives rendered by Elite Gift Center is never compromised. Wide delivery and distribution network has helped Elite Gift Center in delivery the pen drives within promised time frame at the buyers’ end.

Ethical business polices are followed by Elite Gift Center for understanding and meeting the precise needs of the patrons in the most efficient manner.


Counted as first among the best Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers , Elite Gift Center have been able to take and meet the bulk orders of visiting card pens within promised time frame.


Pen drives, plastic pens, metal pens, promotional pens and power banks can be purchased by Elite Gift Center. By meeting the precise needs of the promotional pen drives within promised time frame, Elite Gift Center has established itself as one of the leading and well-known Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai . Being a quality focused name, the quality of pen drives, pens and power banks is never compromised.

Credit and visiting card size pen drives as promotion gifts


Credit card pen drives and visiting card pen drives are being used extensively by the companies as promotional gifts and advertisement tools. The slim size of them and surface for printing has made them ideal   gifts. The credit card size and shape enables users to put these pen drives in purses or pockets with ease. The credit card   pen drives have ample space on both sides of the card for customization. The internal space in the pen drives range from 4GB, 8 GB to 12 GB. This space is enough for downloading music albums, films. During launch of new film releases and music albums, the pen drives are gifted as promotional items to younger generations with content.

The media companies also take advantage of special occasion such as valentine days to promote their brand by painting both sides of the credit card pen drive. The cards thus become mobile brands of the companies and corporate. The popularity of visiting card pen drives and credit card pen drives grows from the fact that they can be customizes easily than old pen drives. These cards have become style statements. From executive level to college going students, the slim cards are reflecting the personalities and tastes of individuals.


The cool image of the pen drives is further exploited by the corporate to print their own company design and logo on the blank sides of the cards. The users do not mind the company printing its own image on the cards, as far as the internal space is free to be used according to their taste and preferences. The gift of Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers visiting card like pen drives helps corporate to reach out to new customers and retain old customers. The slim credit and visiting cards pen drives are becoming part of the personal accessories being used by students and young working professionals. The printing options have enabled users to print personal color, logo, design, or any pattern, which attracts and excites them.

The growth Credit Card Pen Drive Suppliers of paperless office and use of digital technology will further increase the use of credit and visiting card pen drives. When huge data can be stored in convenient visiting card like pen drives, then who will take files and papers with them to offices. The spread of this visiting card and credit card pen drives is used by companies as effective promotional tools with free gifts.  This way they are directly reaching the customers and customers are getting free pen drives with huge data storage capacity.