Reasons for increasing popularity of promotional pen drives

The advancement in technology has created the slim size pen drives. These pen drives are in form of credit cards and visiting cards. The convenience to carry them in pockets and the space for customization has led marketing companies to use them as marketing tools.  The opportunity to make the space on the pen drives as person as possible has created promotional avenues for the pen drives. The both sides of the credit and visiting card pen drives can be used for promoting company brand, logo, tag line or business philosophy. The companies are then loading these pen drives with new albums and film sound tracks to distribute the pen drives to young generation.

During special festivals, specially created by marketing companies to cater to the young aspirations, such as valentine days, the companies promote the cards as free gifts. The empty pen drives area also given with only company logo and image on the both sides of the pen drives. The memory space of these pen drives starts from 4 GB to 6, 8 and 12 GB. The large memory space is huge tempting point of these pen drives. The ample space on both sides of the credit and visiting card pen drives is just enough to make them walking brand ambassadors of the company.


Another reason for the popularity of the pen drives in shape of credit card and visiting card. Since, more and more companies are opting for paperless office; the huge data can be easily kept in these easy to carry pen drives. The employees can download many software program and data from personal computers to office computer during office hours. Professionals dealing with design and accounting fields use special software for enhancing efficiency.  These programs can be kept in pockets always without any problem. The slim designed pen drives do not have any protruding angle. The individual preference can be demonstrated on the card in form of colors, patterns, lines, images or personal favorite quotes. The easy way by which promotional pen drives can Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai be made unique is the strong reason for the marketing companies to use slim designed card as promotional gift items.

The printing companies are also creating designs and images specially to fit on the cards of pen drives. These designs and images are permanently printed on the cards. But efforts are on to create technology so that design or images can be changed according to the wish of the owner of the promotional pen drive cards. With the use of credit and visiting size cards, the companies are reaching to new customers and retaining the old ones.  Instead of spending huge amount of money Pen Drive Manufacturers in Mumbai on print and electronic media ads, the companies can directly communicate with the individual customers with gifting pen drives with or without loading marketing material. But the comparatively large space on both sides of the card sized pen drives is used for promoting company image and brand.