Wish happy new year with gifts items from elite gift center


Elite writing instruments manufactures lot of items ranging from pens , power banks to gifts items . The company has advanced manufacturing base with state of the art infrastructure . The plastic pens and steel pens with engraving are some of the exclusive products of the company . These pens are used as personal and corporate gifts .

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The items are manufactured by the company Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai in the users friendly specifications . The corporate pens with single or multi impressions with laser engraving are offered at reasonable rates by the company . The quality of all items are maintained according to the international quality standards .

The company has been able to provide the customer specific servcies to the client with quality items . The special features of the company are its customer centric approach , excellent packaging on customized bases , transparent business policies and ethical business policies.

The streamlined manufacturing process enables the company to deliver the quality products on the customer specifications . The company has ability to meet the bulk requirements of the customers . To deliver the products in safety and security to the customers , the company uses water proof and temper proof packaging . The well distribution network of the company ensures prompt delivery of pens , power banks , gifts items , and pen drives .

The company has achieved sucess due to its emphase on quality both in products manufacturing and in packaging of the products . The cost effect products at the international quality has given a dominant position to the company in the industry .

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Elite writing instruments is a prominent company engaged in the business of manufacturing plastic pens , metal pens , pen drives , power banks and other such corporate gifts and personal gifts . The company has been in the business since its inception n the year 1985. Under the leadership of the mentor , Mr Ravi Madnani , the company follows total quality management and complete transparency in business dealing . Prompt delivery , water proof packaging , cost effectiveness of products, Power Bank Manufacturers in Mumbai, India assured quality , customized facilities in production and packaging with ethical business policies has given a dominate player position to the company in the industry .

Elite writing instruments is leading exporter , manufacturer and supplier of assortment of pens , pen drives , power banks, personal and corporate gifts .

Power bank buying tips and benefit of a quality plastic pen


The use of power bank will increase the use of smart phone and allow the users to work on smartphone with fear of losing its charge . But it is essential to know few things before buying a power bank so that one can ge the power bank that is compatible for smart phone usages .

The capacity of the power bank should be such that is meets all the demands of the user . The capacity depends on use of smartphone and uses the smarphone is put through . The capacity is measured in mili ampere hour. . so one should go for more power capacity . The battery capacity of the smartphone can determine the capacity of the powe rbank . The power bank must charge the battery of the phone fully at once .

Latest power banks are coming with inbuilt USB charging capacity . Old models do not have this facility . And new power banks also have different connection for phones for sony , samsung and apple . So buy the new model power bank


The power bank must Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai have short circuit and over charging protection features . The power bank with refurbished battery should not be the option .

The power bank means that you are carrying the bank with you for charging need during the day. So it must have easy portability . Do not buy a power bank at lower cost with doubtfull capabilities . The cheap option can become expensive over the long run. The mid price range power bank can be the great option for phone with not so big battery capacities .

Benefits of a quality plastic pen –

Quality plastc pens are coming in various attractive designs and colors . The quality of the ink and ease of writing has also improved a lot . These pens are not very heavy and their light weight allows the users to carry them easily in the shirt pocket . The writing with plastic pen is not heavy and one can write for longer hours without any heaviness .


The plastic men manufactures Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai are adding rubber grips to the part just above the point of contact with paper . This use of rubber grip does not put any pressure on fingers during writing on paper .

The plastic pen often come without caps . They can be carried in the pocket with the help of clip . During writing there is no need to manage the cap . The final words are that plastic pen is easy to make and keep .

Advantages of using power banks

The use of power bank will extend the use of phones and laptops during commutation easily. The single power bank will be enough to charge more than one phone and, laptop. The user can finish the work online of off line even when he or she is not within the vicinity of recharging facility.

The need for power banks has increased in recent times because the use of Smartphone has increased. The smartpones are not used just for calling. They multimedia devices which are used for chatting, watching films, gaming, downloading films , used for face book , Google search , e ticket booking for various shows and travelling , plus taking selfish and making videos . All these tasks are done sometimes simultaneity or within a single day. This considerably reduces the battery. The power banks enable the users to extend the use of their Smartphones without worry about the battery.

A  power bank has Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai more than one charging points , which allows the whole family to take just one power bank during day long excursion .the power banks themselves can be charged very fast and their battery are powerful enough to fulfill charging needs few days . The power banks are universal chargers, which allows them to charge any phone, be it blackberry, android or iphones and they can also change any laptop, camera and other such devices.

The design and shape of the power banks is such that they can be conveniently carried by users in their bags and even in pockets of the trousers. During weekend trip to any place outside a city, the one power bank will be enough for the entire family. Since, the latest power banks are coming with special features of minimum self consumption of energy, the power bank can be kept for days for charging. The anti scratch surface of the power banks extends the life of them by reducing the damage to its body by constantly handling. The users can buy high capacity power bank Power Bank in Mumbai for longer use in single charging .These high capacity power banks can last more than a week, even with frequent charging needs.  There are some disadvantages associated with the power banks, the users may find them bulky and bit expensive. And also some may not find then convenient at all if their need from Smartphone is only limited to making calls and receiving calls. But the benefits far outweigh the few negative sides of the power banks.

Corporate Gifts and Promotional Pens for Advertising Supplied by Elite Gift Center

Corporate offices and business houses can purchase different types of corporate gifts and promotional gifts from celebrated suppliers. Elite Gift Center is instrumental in supplying the premium grade of corporate gifts, promotional pen, pen drives and power banks in Mumbai.

Many corporate organizations provide their employees with gifts on different festivals, for the purpose of enhancing their performance and functionality efficiently. Business centers and corporate offices can purchase corporate gifts such as pen drives, pens, power banks and promotional pens.

Business associates from the elite gift center, said, “Financial ability and company creditability are important attributes on that our procurement effectively choose the vendors. Due to their rich vendors’ base and excellent storage facility, the bulk assignments of corporate gifts can be effectively managed”.

Sales and marketing executives, who hold expertise in the area of marketing, are appointed through rigorous selection procedures. The infrastructure is carefully divided into warehousing unit, packaging unit, in-house quality and sales & marketing units, in order to ensure that all the processes are carried out efficiently.

From procurement to final dispatch of the power banks, elite gift center follows total quality management, in order to ensure utmost standards of quality. By meeting and managing the power banks demands efficiently and within promised time frame, elite gift center has established itself as one of the trustworthy Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai.

The business associate further said, “In order to ensure timely, accurate and safe delivery of the power banks and other products, we have established and maintained a wide and well-connected distribution network. By appointing a team of professionals, who hold expertise in logistic domain, we have been able to ensure timely delivery of the promotional pens, pens, pen drives, power banks and other corporate gifts at the clients’ end”.

Years of experience of this domain, has helped Elite Gift Center to supply the promotional gifts, pen drives, power banks, pens and corporate gifts. Counted and valued as one of the best Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai, the quality of the promotional pen drives is never compromised and it is always maintained in accordance to the international quality set norms. Patron centric approach is followed by the gift center, in order to understand the precise needs of the clients. Ethical business polices and transparency in all the business dealings has helped the gift centers in order to attain maximum client approval and trusts.  Cash, debit card and net banking, are different modes of payment offered to clients, keeping their convenience in the mind. Timely delivery of the promotional pen drives, pens, power banks and other products are assured, owing to our wide distribution network.

The Type of Power Banks and the Uses of the Power Banks

In simple terms, a power bank is a device, in which we can store electrical energy and later this electrical energy is used to charge the mobile devices. The name bank is given to this type of device, because it can store the energy like a bank for later use.  Three types of power banks are available in market today.  Universal power bank come in different sizes and can be used in many configurations to suit the requirements of charging mobile devices. Then there are solar charged power banks with photovoltaic cells, which are used to charge the power bank. But they are not very fast so they also have cable to charge them for electricity. The third type power bank is in battery phone case. However, these types of power bank have very narrow device compatibility.

powerbankThe major benefit of power banks is that they allow the charging of mobile devices anytime, anywhere. This use of power banks has enabled users to extend the use of various mobiles devices. The beyond working hours, the user can use devices. The travelling has become less cumbersome. The power banks can charge many devices at the same time. Thus family does not have to carry separate power banks for each member or for every mobile device. The storage power of a power bank is enough to last for many charging per day. The power banks have made it possible that one can work on devices like laptops during travelling for long hours without worry about charging or disturbances in work.The size and weight of these power banks is Pen Drive Manufacturers in Mumbai

Such that they can be taken easily into the pocket and in hand bags. They have multiple sockets for all cables. Simultaneously many devices can be charged from them. Almost all brand mobile phones and laptops can be easily charged from them. The latest power banks have indicator to show the level of electrical charge left in the bank and time it can go without next charge.

The latest technology has also ensured that power banks have low internal consumption of energy. This keep the power bank charged for longer hours. Most of the power banks available in the market are affordable and some in compact designs, which are easy to carry and maintain. They have almost stretch resistance bodies. The customization option is making them popular with younger generation. The power bank can be customized Power Bank Suppliers in Mumbai  to handle the devices which a user operates. Thus each power bank is as can be used as a personal power bank. The capacity of a power bank depends on its quality and cost. Generally a good power bank can store energy for months with minimal loss. On the other hand, the low quality may store electrical charge for only few weeks.