Plastic Pen Manufacturer Are Indispensable For Stationeries

Nothing can beat the charm of writing with a Pen or Paper. In this world, we’re getting inclined towards technology and over usage of gadgets. That’s why it is still highly preferred in the market. So far we have seen that all. The age of fountain pen, roller pen, ball pen etc.

Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai - Elite Gift

Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai

When it comes to gifts there are a number of things that come in picture. Pen too is highly demanded in the market. But pens, too have its’ own place. Among most visible Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai have come a long way when it comes to offering pen in the town. Elite Gift Centre provide plastic pen in various colour combinations. Elite Gift Centre is counted as one of the noteworthy and regarded pen brands in the market. There is a list of ball pens, Metal pens, promotional pens, cross pens, sheaffe pens and multifunction pens that too, at the affordable price.

Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai - Elite Gift

Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai

For Students ergonomics pens are widely in demand as the premium quality is recommended everywhere. You can find a number of Metal Pen Manufacturer in Mumbai that helps you to explore a wide range of phone in the metallic body.. Be it schools or colleges it has made its’ own space in the business world.

There is a huge chunk of clients where the consumption of phones is of high importance. You can have various pens in various colour combinations. It is a perfect example to show how small things make a big difference in life. That’s why the consumption of pens is too high in the market.

Elite Gift Centre has come a long way when it comes to supplying premium quality pens embedded with the latest technology while designing finest quality economical plastic pen. Resistance against leakage and other things it offers a suitable choice. Here, you can find pens at most affordable rates.

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Customized The Stationary Material According To Your Specifications

Since 1985, the firm is highly appreciated as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. They are highly involved in providing the qualitative assortment of power banks, pen, pen drives, corporate and promotional gifts etc. With the help of their best quality stationery items, multifunctional pens, the firm has attained a remarkable image among the market. Total quality management is followed by them for the purpose of ensuring a quality of their offered products.

Corporate and promotional gifts manufactured by them in the user-defined specifications. Being a quality focused organization, the quality of their products are always maintained according to the highest set standards. Under the guidance of their mentor, Mr Ravi Madnani the firm follows total quality management and complete transparency in all the business transactions. Customized solutions, Tamper-packaging, Ability to meet the bulk assignments and client-centric approach has helped the firm in attaining huge success in this domain.

Some other factors behind the success of the firm are:

    Quality assured products

    Waterproof packaging

    Prompt delivery

    Ethical business policies

    Transparent deals

    Cost effective rates

In order to ensure the defect-free range of products, they have appointed a team of quality auditors and in-house training unit. Their team is provided with the regular training sessions for the purpose of upgrading their professionals.


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Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai


By understanding the value and responsibilities of a reliable supplier, manufacturer, and exporter, the firm offers the clients with the economical plastic pen. The premium quality of plastic material and modern technology are used for manufacturing the finest quality pens. These are resistance against the leakage and its contemporary designs make the pen widely appreciated and demanded. By meeting the diverse demands of the people, the Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai has enlisted their name among the well-recognized firm who are in same business.


Sheaffer Pen Suppliers in Mumbai

Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai


For designing the pen according to the latest market trends, the manufacturers make use of the optimum grade metal and cutting-edge technology. Its features like sleek appearance, trendy design, sturdy construction, and lightweight make these metal pen widely demanded by the various corporate offices. Being one of best Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai they always assure the quality of the product in always maintained by their end. Moreover, to ensure the timely delivery of the metal pens, the firm has set up and maintained the strong logistic support.

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An Essential Which Is Used By Billions Of People

A pen is the writing instrument which is used by every individual on earth. A Pen is an essential thing that a person needs on earth. Just like the water, a pen is also a need to run the life. The pen is used in many places such as offices, schools, universities, home and many more. There is number of companies that produce the pen and sell it. There are a lot of pen manufacturers as well as the pen suppliers and distributors. Especially children have the craze of using the stylish pen. At the teen stepping age, the schools ask students to make a switch from pencil to the pen. children are curious about buying the different styles of the pen and different colors.

Almost in every color comes the pen which is available at any stationary shop. The pen is so essential to business needs that people start doing branding using pens. Yes, People print the pens which have their firm or brand name on it. Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai  are huge in number but there comes the quality. the range of the price decides the quality of the pen. This kind of pens they provide to their customers as well as to the clients. Pen variety has changed between a number of years. Sticker pens, glitter pens, Color pens, Metal pens, Plastic pens, Calligraphy pens and many more varieties can be seen nowadays.

The pen covered a long journey, In the history, the dip pens took place. Dip pens use to work with the ink pot. People use to dip the pen’s nib in the ink and then use to write. This process was quite long but there wasn’t another alternative available at that time. Pens also evolved so much that the pen family is also invented. Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai provides the quality range of the pens.  The term Pen family mean with the Sketch pens, Color pens, Glitter pens, Markers and highlighter markers. The influence of the pen is much since the years ago. The pen is used in villages as well, People who don’t know how to operate the note-pad and keyboard of the Smartphone and the desktop, they use the Pen. In fact, the little infant can learn to hold the pen and make a try on the notebook by the observations.

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Cool pen drives and metal pens are used as promotional gifts


These days to cater to the need of younger generation of cool gadgets , the companies are making pen drives in visiting card shape .These card are very slim and can be put in the pocket easily . The pen drives in the shape and size of visiting cards are easy to carry and can be given any theme to suit the personal preferences and taste of holder . The ample size on both sides of the card is used by the user to have a design , pattern, or logo on the personal choice . The color and pattern of the card can be as varied as the preferences of individuals .


The media companies and music companies are using the visiting card pen drives to promote their products by printing the logo and design of the company on the both sides of the card . The customization that these visiting pen drives offer are the big reason for their popularity among young generations . The ample sizes ranging from 4 GB to 12 GB and slim size of a Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers visiting card has attracted the corporate world to the visiting card pen drives . The corporate world is using them as most preferred items for promotional gifts .

Metal pens as promotional gifts– only metal pens are used as promotional gifts more than the plastic pens . The only other pens that can match the metal pens in the promotional gift space are the costly plastic pens . The finish and bit heaviness and smooth writing on paper without putting pressure reminds the care in selection of gifts . The gift shows the importance that giver has shown to the receiver by offering one of the best quality metal pens as gift . The metal pens comes in variety of metallic colors and shades with subtle designs. The smooth ,cool barrel of metal gives more distinct look than even a costly plastic pen .


The screen printed or engraved company logo can be easily put on the metal pen . The use of laser for engraving on Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai the metal pens gives a high perceived value and that explains why the in the higher corporate levels , the metal pens are the one of the prefered items for promotional gift . The metal pen can range from branded pens to non branded pens . Some of the non branded pen are also given the finish and gloss to give them a distinct look . The level of comfort increases with the use of better quality pen .



The quality of a pen can be tested on three parameters to judge whether the pen is a fine writing instrument . These three parameters are performance of the pen on the paper , the feel of the pen when writing and craftsmanship , which includes finish and fitness of the material used in the making of a pen . The combination of these three factors will decide the justification of the cost of the pen ..

Pen To Paper Experience is the most important factors in the selection of a pen . After all the pen is selected for its writing and not for just show off . Luxury fountain pens are often fitted with gold nibs , from 18 K to 23 or 14 K , for the best performance . The gold material is the most optimal material for the pen nib . This ensures that the nib is very soft on the paper . Some makers make nib bit firmer . The gold nib is very smooth and is treated to high grade material along with finish . Th gold nib also allows free flow of the ink to the nib . This is also due to back of the nib and top of the feed. The gold nib and free flow of ink gives smooth wriing experience without the need for any pressure on the paper .

Feel Of The Pen In The Hand – the use of costly material Cross Pen Suppliers In Mumbai in the use of pen in fountain or in ballpen results in the great writing experience. The use of precious materials gives fine balance weight and profile that enhance the pleasure of writing . The length of the pen , the size of its diameter also affect the writing experience. The costly pens are made to the perfect finish . Some pens have translucent finishes for showing the ink or refill in the pen . Some pens are made bit heavy but they also give maximum comfort in writing .

Craftsmanship- this is more than the good built of the pen . This is more about exception finish and fit with high engineering standards . The removal of the nib ,and other parts will determine the active operation life of the pen . The craftsmanship is visible in the every small parts of the pen as the cost of the pen increases .

The costly Metal Pen Manufacturers In Mumbai metal pen can withstand the daily writing needs and all pressures of heavy writing . But the lower cost metal pens from the quality manufacturer will also perform better .

Keep following points in mind before buying a pen


People often think that buying a costly pen is the only way to get a quality pen that will last longer. But this may not be the case. The branded pen is as likely to have problems as a pen from any local store. If fact the branded pen may not have anything to do with writing, if you are buying local refill for the branded ball pen. The branded pen has refill from the same brand, but if the another refill is non- braded one, which is cheaply available, then what is the use of branded ball pen?

Do not go for costly pens just because they have gold nibs and some gold designs. The pure gold nib pen will not last beyond couple of days, as the gold nibs are very fragile and cannot withstand the pressure of writing. The pen has to perform in writing. It is not used for showpieces. The pen with 14 gold nibs, if you want to have gold nib, will be better than 18 or 24 carat gold nib. Also do not think that just because a pen is in metal and wood, it will be better than plastic pen. Many plastic pens are Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai in far greater quality than metals pens.


Gold nib does not mean that writing will be better. The writing depends on paper quality, ink quality and style of writing than nib. So unless you just want gold nib for showoff, the steel nib will be fine for writing.

Do not go for any pen that comes with plating of gold or silver. The plating will come off after come time, if the quality is bit low. Then the pen will reflect very poorly on the person holding it. The best thing is to go for quality plastic pen or steel or chrome version.

The metal pens may be bit heavier than plastic pens. If you have to keep the pen in pocket all the time, then it would be useful to have a quality plastic pen

Ball pen versus fountain pen –


It all depends on the taste and work of the user. If user just wants pen for daily use for miscellaneous works then a ball pen will work fine. The ball pen does not need daily filling of ink. The fountain pen on the other hand, needs daily filling and can be used for someone who enjoys writing process. As fountain pen Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai adds more penmanship and calligraphic quality to writing; they are preferred by users with interest in reading and writing.

Benefits of making and taking notes


Despite popular notion, the note making art is still very popular. The art of taking notes on the paper with the help of pen has its own benefits, which cannot be compared with any other form of note making. Researchers have confirmed that material written in notes has 34 percent chances of being remembered than information which is not taken in notes.

Note making in own language ensures that mind is also engaged in the learning process. The attention to details happens only during note making. When someone writes in own language, it has strong chances of being recalled.

Note taking on book reading is the best way to create own impression of the book and rewrite the main points of book. The note making on main points and summarization of the content of the book ensures knowledge has been absorbed from the book. The notes on the different chapters of the book also helps to revision the main points or gist of the book later.

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Note making Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai also increases the creativity of the person. The note making habit helps a person to organize ideas effectively. It also helps to focus on the subject and then expand the idea by adding more knowledge.  The ability to speak effectively on any subject in coherent manner increases with the ability of making effective notes and writing succinctly.

Note making also helps a person to de-clutter the mind by putting everything on the paper. This habit done regularly at the start of the day gives clarity to person to look at the events and possibilities from a practical point of view rather than take emotional view of them. Some businesses person and politicians has habit of note making on various ideas and topics. They later review their notes to better understand the subject. Writing daily on some subject will always give fresh perspective on the subject. The mind will never repeat the same thoughts everyday. The clarity will bring insight into the subject or topic.


There are many Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai ways of note taking or making. Summarizing the whole book or chapter in few paragraphs is one way of note making process. Another is writing lengthy notes and third is mind maps.

The mind maps can be very effective technique to retain the information permanently.  This is done by making various diagrams of various sizes representing the different ideas. The main point and associated points are linked by connecting diagrams. One a person becomes used to this type of note making; he or she can enjoy the process and benefits associated with it.